Amara Taxidermy


is situated in the heart of the South African Bushveld close to the town of Thabazimbi.


Thabazimbi and the surrounding area is a well-known hunting destination and is visited by hundreds of hunters from across the globe.

Amara Taxidermy currently has 10 employees allowing Amara Taxidermy to deliver world class end products.


The on-site tannery processes hundreds of skins annually using only the finest imported tanning chemicals available. Apart from tanning Amara is also well known for their high quality shoulder mounts, half mounts and full mounts. Scull mounts, lamps made from mounted animal feet and polished horns are also amongst the many items manufactured at Amara Taxidermy.

SERVICES: Full Mounts  l  Shoulder Mounts  l  Tanning  Raw hides  Shields Rugs  Ship & Dip

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