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  1. Forms are made on the premises with custom designs and poses being sculpted on the property.
  2. Shoulder mounts requiring wooden shields will carry an additional charge of 15% of the mounting costs.
  3. Pedestal and off-set mounts are charged at shoulder mount price plus 15%.
  4. Wooden pedestal mounts are priced per consignment and a quote will be provided upon delivery.
  5. Full mount prices include standard bases. Custom designs will carry additional charges based on pose, type and size of base.
  6. Half mounts are charged at 50% of the full mount price.
  7. Importation of hunting trophies from other countries: We will require a deposit from you, prior to us arranging the importation of your trophies. This amount will be advised according to the volume of trophies being imported and will be used to pay any advance charges required by the exporting country, as well as for import documentation and clearing charges in South Africa. Any over or underpayment will be adjusted on your final taxidermy account.
  8. On receipt of your deposit we will immediately place your order on our production schedule, ensuring a shorter delivery time for completion of your trophies.
  9. We have our own in-house tannery and use formic acid and Lutan FN tanning oil on all our capes and skins. We are not responsible for any defect including hair slip which may occur during the tanning process as a result of poor field preparation.
  10. Trophies are stored at owner’s risk
  11. All trophies will be packed and crated on site by the selected forwarding company
  12. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before we commence processing your trophies. Please provide us with written mounting instructions for your trophies when paying your deposit.
  13. Please insure that you clearly state any special requirements/designs for your trophies.
  14. Shipping of trophies:
  15. We use the services of a reputable freight agent in Johannesburg who is well versed in the handling of game trophies, however, should you wish to nominate your own agent, please notify us accordingly.
  16. Only legally obtained trophies will be accepted and processed by Amara Taxidermy. All necessary documentation and permits where applicable is to be handed to us on delivery of the raw trophies to our studio.

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