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Looking after your trophy is one of the key elements to ensure your have a beautiful end result. Sloppy trophy care will lead to unnecessary hair slip and damage to your precious trophy or flat skin.



Some guidelines:


  • Never drag your trophy animal on the ground. This will lead to hair slippage and damage your prize trophy
  • If possible try to soak your cape/skins in a strong salt water solution in the shade for a few hours.  Add salt to water in a plastic 220l drum until no more mixes into the solution.  A small quantity of bactericide like Biocide/Savlon can be added to this mix but keep the quantity limited.
  • After a few hours in this mix items can go into the salt pit as normal.
  • Thick skins e.g. giraffe and buffalo should be soaked as stated above where after shallow cuts is to be made in a crisscross fashion on the flesh side to allow for salt penetration.  Take care that the cuts are not deeper than 40% of the thickness of the skin. A finer grade like medium salt works well on thick skins.
  • Ensure that you are using fresh coarse or medium salt, avoid using the so called “rock salt”
  • Never leave trophies out in the sun to air dry, always put them in a shady place to air dry
  • Never transport or store your skins in a plastic bag
  • Avoid leaving the skin/carcass on the back of your pick-up in the sun for long periods of time.
  • When skins are in salt avoid storing sculls and skins/capes in the same salt area as cross contamination can take place.
  • If in doubt please contact us for advice on preparing your trophies.



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